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Cesar O Freytes, MD

Cesar O Freytes, MD

While a lot has changed since Dr. Cesar Freytes started performing bone marrow transplants more than 30 years ago, the driving force behind his passion his connection to patients with cancer in need of a transplant has not changed at all. "In 1982 when I started, it was a developing field; it was very new. Patients were sicker. We didn't have the drugs or the supportive care we have now. It was a challenge because these patients with cancer are special. You have to connect with them" says Dr. Freytes. Today, patients receive transplants earlier, medications and supportive care have improved dramatically, and sources for stem cells have increased to include unrelated donors unheard of when Dr. Freytes first started in the field. Having retired from a long and illustrious career at the Audie L. Murphy Memorial Veterans Hospital (ALMMVH) Bone Marrow Transplant Program in San Antonio, Dr. Freytes joins the Blood and Marrow Stem Cell Transplant Program at Methodist Hospital where he is well known to his colleagues many of whom (Dr. Jose Cruz, Dr. Behyar Zoghi and, previously, Dr. Carlos Bachier) trained under him at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) where he has served as Professor of Medicine since 2004. Dr. Freytes studied medicine at the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He completed his internship and residency in internal medicine at the San Juan Veteran's Administration Medical Center. He served his fellowship in hematology/oncology at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri under bone marrow transplantation pioneer Dr. Geoffrey Herzig. After two years at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, he returned to the VA in San Juan until he was recruited to join the ALMMVH and UTHSCSA in San Antonio in 1991 where he served on the faculty and as Director of the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Program at the South Texas Veteran's Health Care System until his retirement in 2015. Not only has Dr. Freytes distinguished himself as a teacher, clinician, and administrator, but he is also recognized for his thoughtful and innovative leadership and contribution to the evolving field of bone marrow transplantation through original investigations, participation on editorial boards, and advisory and reviewer roles for scientific organizations and medical publications. His particular areas of research interest include lymphomas, multiple myeloma and transplantation in these patients. The most gratifying days are when patients are doing well. "When patients are extremely ill, you don't relax until they are better. You spend 99% of your time thinking about them and you are constantly concerned and vigilant."

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