Cole was born with a severe form of spina bifida, hydrocephalus and Chiari malformation. He had his first surgery 45 minutes after he was born to close an opening that exposed his spinal cord and nerves. Cole has had 13 more surgeries since then—and he' s only three years old.

Cole' s mother, Susan, hadn' t really been aware of the role pediatric anesthesiologists would play in her son' s care until she met Dr. Joseph Furman with Pediatric Anesthesia Consultants of San Antonio who provided anesthesia services to Cole during several of his surgical procedures. “Dr. Furman' s fantastic. Obviously highly dedicated—he was always there. He gave us so much reassurance.”

Even though they often felt like seasoned veterans with all surgeries their son needed, Dr. Furman explained in detail what was going to happen every single time Cole would undergo sedation. “Even after the surgery Dr. Furman would stay with our child, even when we weren' t there and was always checking him out to see how things were going.”

Dr. Joseph Furman is part of a team of dedicated and compassionate board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists providing 24/7 coverage and care at Methodist Children's Hospital of South Texas* before, during and after surgery.