Here's what you can expect at our clinic:

  • Expect a warm and genuinely friendly reception. We have a dedicated customer service team at the front desk and on the phone.
  • We'll need to see (and make copies of) your insurance card and driver's license at each visit. We need this information so we can accurately work with your insurance carrier. You'd be surprised how many of our 20,000 patients change their insurance carrier, address, phone number throughout the year.
  • Our practice uses electronic medical records (EMR) and all patients will be added to our patient portal — a secure way to communicate with us for requesting prescription refills and appointments, sending messages and viewing some lab reports.
  • We'd really appreciate if you would bring in:
    • All of your medications. (Many patients see several physicians who prescribe medications of which we may be unaware.)
    • List of questions you wish to ask.
  • If you're waiting longer than 15 minutes, ask the receptionists about the delay.
  • If it’s your first visit to our practice, you will be greeted by a New Patient Coordinator who will review your paperwork when you arrive.
  • After a short wait, your provider's medical assistant (MA) will call you to your exam room. Your MA will weigh you, take your other vital signs and take a short history of why you're here today to see your provider.
  • Our providers would like adequate time to discuss your concerns. If you have more than 2 major concerns it may be necessary to schedule a follow-up visit.
  • After your appointment, we'll schedule follow-up appointments, provide you written orders for labs, x-rays and ensure you have prescriptions that you need. We will call you as soon as possible regarding your lab, x-ray or other ancillary test results.
  • The office does not support transfers to other providers in the clinic unless there are special extenuating circumstances.