Leads the state in living donor kidney transplants & is one of the largest programs in the country

  • More than 250 kidney paired donor transplants since 2008 - the national record for a single-center transplant program
    • The paired kidney exchange program includes living donors who wish to give their kidney but cannot because of blood or tissue incompatibility with the recipient. Incompatible pairs are matched with other incompatible pairs, and the donors are exchanged, resulting in compatible transplant combinations.
  • Performing transplants for patients across the United States
  • More than 3,454 kidney transplants and more than 1,791 living donor transplants performed
  • Steroid-free immunosuppression for kidney & pancreas transplantation
  • Dedicated living donor kidney transplant & incompatible donor teams
  • One of the most experienced pancreas transplant centers in Texas

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Texas Transplant Institute: Kidney Transplant