The providers of Texas Transplant Specialists are part of The Sarah Cannon Transplant and Cellular Therapy Program at Methodist Hospital, San Antonio. The program is the only adult blood cancer treatment program offering blood and marrow transplant – also known as bone marrow transplant – and cell therapy and immunotherapy programs.

We are dedicated to providing innovative treatment options for cancer and non-malignant disorders. And even more aligned with our mission, we are determined to treat each patient and their family with compassion and respect.

Facts about the program:

  • First in North America to be accredited by the Foundation of the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT), and only accredited program in San Antonio
  • Consistently ranks among the nation’s top transplant centers in one-year allogeneic stem cell transplant patient survival rates among all Texas transplant centers
  • Program physicians are certified to provide CAR-T cell therapy, a breakthrough treatment for patients with certain blood cancers

Conditions that benefit from blood and marrow transplants:

  • Amyloidosis—An abnormal protein, called amyloid, produced in the bone marrow builds up in the organs.
  • Aplastic anemia—The body stops producing an adequate amount of new blood cells.
  • Hemoglobinopathies—A general term for blood conditions that affect the red blood cells.
  • Hodgkin’s lymphoma—A cancer of the lymphatic system that impairs the body's capacity for fighting infection.
  • Leukemia (acute and chronic)—A type of blood cancer affecting the body's tissue and bone marrow that inhibits its ability to fight off infection.
  • Multiple myeloma—A cancer that forms in a type of white blood cells, called plasma cells, that is indicated by a multiplying of cancerous plasma cells.
  • Myelodysplastic syndrome—A syndrome that results in immature, unhealthy blood cells within the bone marrow.
  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma—A cancer of the lymphatic system indicated by tumors within a type of white blood cells, called lymphocytes.
  • Testicular cancer—A cancer of the testicles, the male sex organs located inside the scrotum.