Cardiology Clinic of San Antonio’s ground-breaking 24-hour Cardio-Hospitalist Program is saving lives and dramatically changing the face of cardiac care in our community.

Cardiologists Dr. Fernando Triana and Dr. Allen Baum have pioneered a unique approach to treating heart patients in the hospital AND in the clinic to provide the highest quality care with continuity, consistency and speed.

Methodist Hospital in San Antonio was the first hospital in the country to benefit from this innovative and life-saving program.

The Cardiology Clinic of San Antonio’s 24-hour Cardio-Hospitalist Program means the same heart specialists who see you in the hospital will be the same specialists who will see you in their clinic.

Patients, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Emergency Room physicians and other healthcare providers can be assured that dedicated heart specialists are available at the hospital 24 hours a day to cover Cardiac and Surgical Intensive Care Units, monitored patient beds and Emergency Room heart patients.

Cardio-Hospitalist Program