As one of the top programs in the country for transplantation, hepatology and liver disease care, the Methodist Transplant Institute Liver Transplant Program has performed over 700 transplants since 2001. Our experienced board-certified transplant hepatologists and transplant and hepato-pancreato-biliary surgeons apply the latest medical and surgical innovations to the treatment of liver diseases.

The unique Liver Tumor Consortium Methodist Healthcare was created out of a need to provide organized support for liver cancer. The multidisciplinary team includes transplant surgeons, general surgeons with special interest in solid organ tumors, interventional radiologists and oncologists.

Facts about the program

  • On a percentage basis, more medically-urgent transplants are performed here than at any other program in Texas (based on patient MELD scores).
  • The goal of the program is to exhaust all medical therapies before resorting to a liver transplant, which is reserved as a final life-saving option.
  • For patients who live outside of San Antonio, we will assist in finding housing accommodations for the immediate post-transplant period.

Diseases and conditions resulting in end-stage liver disease or liver failure:

  • Primary biliary cirrhosis
  • Sclerosing cholangitis
  • Liver cancer
  • Alcohol and/or drug abuse
  • Hepatitis B virus
  • Hepatitis C virus