We are Texas Transplant Physician Group serving patients at Texas Transplant Institute, a department of Methodist Hospital.

We are proud to have one of the most preferred Adult Blood Cancer and Marrow Stem Cell Transplant programs in the United States. Our Adult Blood Cancer and Stem Cell Transplant physicians have performed more than 2,400 bone marrow transplants since we began in 1993.

Dr. Michael Kwan and Dr. Chandra Kunavarapu are board certified in Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology—the new subspecialty in cardiology. The Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Program is the largest heart transplant program in Central and South Texas with over 400 transplants performed and 200 assist devices implanted since the program’s inception in 1986.

The Kidney Transplant Program at Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital, a department of Methodist Hospital, has performed more than 4,000 kidney transplants since 1984, making our program one of the nation’s top transplant programs. We lead the country in live donor operations with over 2,200 total operations performed to date and are the most preferred location for live donor transplants in the United States since 2009.

The Liver Disease and Transplant Program at Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital has performed more than 400 transplants since 2001. On a percentage basis, we have transplanted more medically-urgent patients that any other transplant program in Texas.

Since opening in 1995, the Pancreas Transplant Program at Texas Transplant Institute has performed more than 100 pancreas transplants and combination kidney-pancreas transplants, making us the most preferred program in Texas.

The Pediatric Blood and Marrow Stem Cell Transplant providers have performed more than 600 transplants ranking us among the most experienced programs in the nation—and the only program of its kind in South Texas.